Our Manifesto

The market is a place of exchange. The great wine “communicator” Luca Gardini has chosen to 'share' his knowledge (as sommelier world champion) on wine. This he does in an everyday place like the Central Market of San Lorenzo, a short walk from the centre of Florence. In the city that once hosted the Renaissance, Luca Gardini’s Enoscuola aims to rewrite the rules and bring about a new renaissance in wine tasting. The aim of the Enoscuola is not to be an academy but to provide a series of 'wine tasting tips' conceived to help you read any wine. Although the school's staff is composed of professionals in the tasting and communication of wine, their ' knowledge' is not passed down from above, but shared transversally. If Italian wine has changed, the way the subject is conveyed and taught must also change. Luca Gardini has therefore decided to draw up a set of rules for what he calls 'everyday tasting'. Explained in a modern style, these simple concepts are in no way self-referential and do not have the purpose of setting descriptions, but of identifying the characteristics that are essential for understanding wine in 2014.

These, then, are the concepts of Everyday Wine Tasting:

• Simplicity. A wine presented for tasting is already a great wine.
• Frankness. In the sense of respect for the land and the varietal characteristics.
• Drinkability. The wine should not be nosed 100 times before tasting it, but it should be drunk, because a ‘good’ bottle is a bottle that makes you open a second one as soon as it is finished.
• Clean taste. The wine must not have flaws. No more attempting to hide oenological imperfections behind the screen of ‘style’.
• Sensitivity, or respect for other people’s palates. There is only one Luca Gardini, but at the Enoscuola wine tasting is regarded as an opportunity not only to learn but also to dialogue ……… because the palate is not and must not be the same for everyone.

Our Team

Luca Gardini
Tasting Teacher

World’s best sommelier WSA 2010, after training at the school Giorgio Pinchiorri, from 2005 to 2011 Luca Gardini worked as manager of Ristorante Cracco in Milan. He writes for Spirito Divino, Gazzetta dello Sport, Chi and Panorama, and is co-author of a book with Luciano Ferraro.

Roberto Gardini
Tasting Teacher

Professor of sommellerie at the Alma school in Colorno. In addition to his work in the top hotels of the Romagna riviera, Roberto Gardini also teaches in many dedicated courses.

Andrea Grignaffini
Tasting Teacher

For many years Art Director of the magazine Spirito Divino, journalist Andrea Grignaffini has taught at the Alma school in Colorno since its founding. He is in charge of the Emilia Romagna and Lombardy sections of the Espresso Restaurant Guide.

Marco Tonelli
Tasting Teacher

A journalist who has written for many years for the most prestigious food and wine magazines and guides. A member of the tasting committee of Gazzetta dello Sport, he is the first Italian Habanos sommelier.

Aldo Fiordelli
Tasting Teacher

37-year-old Aldo Fiordelli, from Florence, is a professional journalist and sommelier. He is curator in Tuscany of the Espresso Restaurant Guide and writes for the magazine Civiltà del bere.

Pier Bergonzi
Tasting Teacher

Editor-in-chief of the Gazzetta dello Sport central office. An enthusiast of good cooking and fine Italian wines, he has a column in the Gazzetta dello Sport and on the website Gazza Golosa.

Andrea Gori
Tasting Teacher

Owner of the family restaurant ‘Da Burde’, Andrea Gori is a freelance journalist and Web writer 2.0 (he founded the online networks ‘Dissapore’ and ‘Intravino’ and his blog ‘Vino da Burde’).

Maya Gusmai
Resident Sommelier

A young but highly-trained sommelier with experience in some of the most well-known restaurants in Italy. A resident sommelier at the Luca Gardini’s Enoscuola, Maya Gusmai will be accompanying you in the Everyday Wine Tasting courses.


The Calendar Of Tastings

  • From monday to Saturday (15 €)

Ore 14: Crazy for italian wines! 4 wines from only italians vines

Ore 16: Wines from northern Italy

Ore 18: Crazy for italian wines! 4 wines from only italians vines

Ore 19: Wines from middle Italy

Ore 20: Italian red wines tasting

Ore 21: Sparkling wines: there isn't only champagne!



For these tasting moments (13am, 18,30pm, 19,30pm) we need a reservation for foreign groups, otherwise the tasting will be done in italian.


Each lesson (40 min) give you a different view about tasting and 4 different glass of wine. You can also have a private tasting session (by booking).
The program will be changed monthly, for leaving you the opportunity to undestand all the different italian wines.


Wine Tour: Thanks to Luca Gardini’s privileged relations with many wineries, a series of tours will be organised; these will begin from the Central Market and conclude after a series of intense (but never too academic) tasting sessions in one of the wineries chosen. After the wine tasting guests will be picked up directly at the market and taken to the winery, which is the best way to fully understand and experience a wine.


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Telephone: 335-256480


Address: Enoscuola c/o Mercato Centrale Firenze, primo piano - Piazza del Mercato Centrale, Firenze (FI)